our vision

We are a women’s swimwear company that values comfort, style, and environmental responsibility. We understand that not all women want to wear conventional bikinis, so our collections offer a wide variety of fun options to choose from. Take a look around and find the perfect fit that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and powerful. All items are designed by our founder Myah Payne.

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Welcome to your new favorite swimwear brand. Take a step into our showroom to see our diverse collections for yourself and select the perfect items for you.

“Every summer I renew my bathing suit wardrobe with the latest styles from Studio A+. Every item looks amazing and I love the fact everything is done in an eco-friendly way”
Ellisha Kirby
“The best quality! I purchased a bikini 2 years ago and it’s still super comfortable and fashionable. I wear it all the time and could not recommend this store more!”
Sue Carty
“I’ve been addicted to Studio A+ ever since my friend introduced me to them last year. They really have the coolest stuff and great customer service!”
Aubrey Roy